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SAP Custom Development

The goal of custom development in the SAP standard software environment is, as much as possible, to adapt standardized business processes to individual customer requirements in a highly optimized manner with a focus on increasing the IT department's value within the enterprise permanently.

Our goal is to deliver well-designed solutions usable in the long-term. Possible changes in business processes are considered by modular design ("agility"). SI PRO focuses on an increased competitive ability by supporting the software system optimally, along with safeguarding and continuous improvements to the value of IT investments (ROI).

The principles of qualitative software development are of prime importance to us:

SI PRO Custom Development supports the standard plan-driven software development methods (e.g. V-Model) as well as the agile development paradigms and methods (e.g. SCRUM, Extreme Programming). We offer services in all phases of the software development process:

We have extensive expertise in the area of SAP custom development:

  • Appliance of usability and accessibility directives with all available SAP technologies
    • Portal/Web Dynpro technology
    • Business Server Pages (BSP)
    • SAP GUI/Dynpro
    • Netweaver Business Client (NWBC)
  • System integration
    • Application Link Enabling (ALE)/IDoc technology
    • Remote Function Call (RFC)
    • XML file transfer
    • Web services
    • SAP Netweaver PI
  • Workflow
  • Migration/Transformation of extensive amounts of application data
  • Reporting/Analysis of data
    • SAP Netweaver BW/BO
    • Dashboards
  • Printing
    • SAP Script
    • SAP Smart Forms
    • Adobe Print/Interactive Forms
    • WWI Reports
  • Performance measuring and optimization (data access, HANA technology)
  • Archive and external file server integration